Reading Sunday 3/5/17 at Parkside Lounge in NYC

Sunday 3/5/17, some poetry, at PARKSIDE LOUNGE in Manhattan, 4-6pm, & it’s the future. Mad gleam press will be presenting (also may be copies of their latest release Post(mortem) for sale). I will read a few…here:

It’s true,
The existence of moisture
Planted within us
Looks like
Three colors, mixed & painted
Onto a jar
That hum in your head,
Which is as red as that son
Of solomon,
Some bar-back told you about,
Crying for more milk, again, the
Exact repetition of bo biddley’s,
Shaking your palms, on some
Odd street in atlantic city,
Without a dollar in your system,
Whispering to yourself,
Who is god,
Can only exist on loving prayers


In the misty dark


in the misty dark / walk to slave for an imaginary god of rent / and we all labor and are in disguise/ no person to weep, we are fed / should be happy with that / but, why do we still need? / the clever leper sings, blue water clear / i dance on balloons / we chop trees / for a boat to carry us into space / unharmed/ full of memories / blind with survival / breathing newness, to exude passions of light onto the / eardrums of nothing monks

“MAGNET” by Ryan Drag, a new collection of poetry, available now via Coyote Blood Press)))))

Coyote Blood publishing has pressed Ryan Drag’s 1st collection of poems, available now via Amazon, Berl’s Poetry Bookstore, The Strand, & various other outlets (support your local bookstores!) Also, keep checking this site for upcoming speaking engagements, etc. The society of Nothing Monks is infiltrating the system.