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A DRAG REVIEW : “Put your lips on my brain” – Of Tim Presley’s White Fence, ‘I Have to Feed Larry’s Hawk’

Is a tepid serum here? Or – Is fine, thoughtful music being made in 2019? In this moment of probable human rot, the fruits are ripe and abound on Tim Presley’s farm. It’s not Syd Barrett’s cough either. In fact, this wax is something to stay home for. Relax, pour a drink, roll a smoke, take a moment for yourself. Indulge in clunky piano, a random floor tom – not so random as you initially believed. This lp requires a few listens. On the same arm as David Bowie’s “Low” (this album is in two parts, with ambient synths showing the listener to the door.)

 It is exciting when the stop sign of sound finds itself on your street. Nice colors. This last happened on my block during, Brian Jonestown Massacre’s “Pish” – though, this album is not that. It’s an album Paul McCartney should have made blindfolded leaning onto Question Mark’s red, compact organ, but he’s at a beach on Long Island.
Wait…Look! … Tim’s hair!
Next to that White Fence – quite interesting- those bangs.
I.H.T.F.L.H. from the ever curious, Drag City label, should be purchased without hesitation. Money doesn’t come easy – so what? Check this music out. Hell, these ideas come comfortable. Presley’s played with Ty Segall, The Fall, and I’d rather this. These new tracks (I perceive) exhibit a recent rise of musical mushrooms growing in the World today. Pick and eat them – you should go out more.
     Well, this isn’t a commercial, it’s a gasp – so – take out your earphones, your dusty 12-string, your Uncle’s Farfisa – it’ll be fun, groovies, while we plummet into oblivion, dressed with amazing make-up and embellished flares. Listen to the pauses – tones – they’re all here now – waiting – and you can get it.

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